quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

Note to self.

Apparently you do not have to be in your early twenties, in your first job and in your first (official) emigration destination to be lost.

You can be in your (very very) late twenties, in your... well, not first, but almost (still) first job - now with 4 years experience - in your 5th country and still need to find a place for yourself.

Suddenly I realize we are what we are in relation to others. We are friends because we have friends.
 We are sister and daughter and girlfriend because you have brothers and sisters and parents and boyfriend. However, when all that is far away it is easy to lose perception of your role in life, yours and theirs.

Especially when you are not as requested professionally as you used to be.

Fuck! Life is hard! But as a good friend used to say: Nobody said life was gonna be easy.

Cheer up girl! It can only get better.

Um beijo com saudade.

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