terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

How a German changed my life.

It was exactly one year ago. There I was. Against all odds and against all my plans I had ended up in yet another cold central European country. But that did not matter. I was happy, I had done my one-month intensive German course and I believed that this time I would really be speaking German on a daily basis and that in no time I would be fully integrated in the German society. I mean, after all, I had survived 4 years in Austria, right? I had received my dad's phone call saying he had cancer just the same day I had had that great and successful job interview. I guess that HAD to be destiny, a sign of God, right? So there I was. Northern Germany. Full of pride to be picked up by a colleague who did not even know me. How nice of him to take me out for dinner and to introduce me to his wife and to his (male) friend.
Actually, really nice of him. His friend is pretty cute. I mean definitely going through a rough time of divorce. I can see it in his face. He looks a bit sad and nostalgic. Oh Gosh, he has the picture of a child on his mobile phone. Ah, come on! I can manage divorce but kids?! Well, too bad. Anyhow, I'm here to work not to get a boyfriend. And that was it.
But one week later I randomly meet him at the supermarket. That's definitely him, but he had such a complicated name!!! Oh shoot!! I cannot recall his name! "Hi I.", he tells me after I'm waving hi to him.(he knows my name!!!) Hi...(blush, you stupid girl who cannot memorize names!)
One coffee later we are outside and I surprise myself with a great "How do you spell your name again?". That's how I got his phone number. And (finally) his name.
And we kept going out on weekends. Double dates dancing salsa. He was not married but yet he kept this picture of this kid on his phone.
Until the evening his "son" transformed into something different when I accidentally blocked his phone while showing him my hometown in google maps. "Oh, this is my nephew" - he said. And just like that the race was on! (devilish, devilish, devilish). I mean, Salsa-wise the potential was there.
Work was terrible.
I managed to get an alone date with him.
And it was great.
And he was the one asking when we'd meet again.
And we did. Repeatedly.
And I left the hotel room I'd been in the last month and rented my own apartment.
And we set up a whole apartment of IKEA furniture. Together.
Was he a serial killer? A violent guy? Something must be wrong with him, as usual.
But it wasn't.
And work was hell. And I panicked. And I had to leave Germany. And he offered to follow.
And he did.
Even if it was just one year ago it has been truly real and deeply special.
Even if they change, I want to remember the feelings and the thoughts as they are today hence this post.
I want to thank him for making me a better person. For standing by my side. For fighting for us more than I probably did when I practically ran away of Germany.
Thank you babe. I will make sure your efforts were not in vain.
With great love.

Um beijo com saudades.

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